Muscle Science

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About Us





Our brand Muscle Science is not made to be average. And neither you should. Muscle Science is not just for the physical gains, it’s about Innovation, Science, development and creation. We understand supplement science from the lab bench to the gym bench. We’re always doing research to test new formulas and improve the current ones, if possible. We are never satisfied from existing status, so we endure day in and day out to provide revolutionary products out to the great athletes like you.

Established in the INDIA in 2014 but, and offers the best business opportunities to its partner, and the best products to its customers.

The Focus

At Muscle Science, the supplements are formulated by the top nutritionists and scientists in the industry, and produced in a world-class facility. We bring the highest quality nutritional ingredients to you from the world’s most trusted suppliers. We don't cut costs with generic powders or cheap synthetics. We use standardized extracts so there’s no second guessing the potency of our supplements from bottle to bottle

Commitment to Quality

Quality is an important value for our organization. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services. We continually strive to improve our quality assurance processes and systems. We maintain compliance with all relevant international quality standards and guidelines. We use leading-edge quality assurance techniques and equipment to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality.